Court-Ordered TLSAE Online

Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE) is a four-hour online course on Florida traffic laws and the harmful effects of alcohol and illicit drugs. New drivers must take TLSAE to earn their first driver's license, but Florida courts can also order current drivers to take the course.

For some driving violations involving drugs or alcohol, Florida requires offenders to complete a court-ordered TLSAE course. And if your license was suspended after a drug- or alcohol-related offense, taking the TLSAE course allows you to apply for a hardship license.

Online TLSAE training is your first step to meeting Florida court requirements and getting back on the road.

About the Course

Throughout the TLSAE course, you'll learn about key Florida traffic laws and the effects of alcohol and other drugs on the body. The course also explains the consequences of substance abuse and why impaired driving is a major cause of fatal accidents.

You can complete your training 100% online. The course is authorized by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV). It includes seven timed modules and a 40-question final exam.

TLSAE course modules include:

  1. Physiological Factors (Part 1)
  2. Physiological Factors (Part 2)
  3. Psychological Factors
  4. Societal and Economic Costs of Alcohol and Drug Abuse
  5. Effect of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse on the Driver of the Motor Vehicle
  6. Major Traffic Laws of Florida (Part 1)
  7. Major Traffic Laws of Florida (Part 2)

You must score at least 80% on the final exam to pass the TLSAE course. When you successfully finish the final exam, we will automatically report your completion to the Florida DHSMV.

Hardship License Requirements

Floridians under 21 who are cited for driving with a blood alcohol level between 0.02 and 0.05 will receive a license suspension. The state requires these drivers to complete TLSAE before they can apply for a hardship license.

With a hardship license, you can drive for approved work or business reasons while your license is suspended. These reasons may include trips to and from work, school, church or doctor appointments.

After you successfully complete the TLSAE course, you can apply for a hardship license at the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

TLSAE Drug and Alcohol Course

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